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Qualified Non-highway Vehicles

The Village of New Baden has, by ordinance, authorized the operation of certain qualified non-highway vehicles on Village streets as permitted by 625 ILCS 5/11-1426.1 (D) for residents within the corporate limits of New Baden.

All qualified non-highway vehicles must have certain equipment and must be registered with and licensed by the Village of New Baden. 



There is a $25.00 annual registration, inspection and license fee.


Ordinance 2013-06-03-A: Authorizing Qualified Non-highway Vehicles on Village Streets
 * Permit Requirements Concerning Qualified Non-highway Vehicles
 * Non-highway Vehicle Application & Permit
 * Non-highway Vehicle Inspection Report
 * Liability Waiver
 * Statement of Inspection Standards (to be a Certified Inspector of Qualified Non-highway vehicles)