The Village is partnering with the Clinton County Health Department to hold a vaccination clinic for CLINTON COUNTY and ST CLAIR COUNTY RESIDENTS of New Baden and New Memphis (zip codes of 62265 and 62266) over the age of 65.  There is no date set at this time and the health department will let us know when they have the supply to schedule the clinic.  This could which be anytime February through April. We hope to have 250 doses of the vaccination.

Thank you to the New Baden Chamber of Commerce for donating over $1,300 toward the purchase of supplies for this event!

Get your name on the waitlist!  

There are two ways to be added to the waitlist:

Fill out this form 

or call 618.910.4617 and leave the following information: 

Name/Names and ages of person requesting vaccine
Phone Number
Date of Birth

When Clinton County notifies us of the date, we will systematically go through the waitlist and schedule appointments.  You will only be contacted if selected for an appointment.

Please only contact us either by phone or form to keep Village staff from being inundated with requests. Multiple requests do not increase your chances of getting an appointment for this clinic.

We need Volunteers!

The Village is in need of volunteers to help run the event and to administer the vaccination.  Please fill out this form to register as a volunteer and staff will follow up with more detailed information.  Registering as a volunteer does not register you for the vaccination clinic.

 Frequently Asked Questions (for any questions regarding the vaccine itself, contact the Clinton County Health Department)

Does the shot cost $10?  There is no cost to receive the shot.

I live in New Baden but in St. Clair County, why can’t I get the shot? UPDATE: 2/8/2021: St Clair County residents in the 62265 zip code are now eligible to receive the vaccine through the New Baden Clinic. ORIGINALLY: This clinic is being put on by the Clinton County Health Department and utilizing resources designated for Clinton County residents.

When is the clinic? We do not know at this time. 

How will I know of the date? We will call to schedule appointments once we know of the date.

Who is eligible to participate?  Any New Baden resident over the age of 65.

I qualify for the vaccine because I am a first responder, teacher, etc.  Can I register for this clinic?  No, per the request of the Clinton County Health Department, this clinic is simply for New Baden residents over the age of 65.

I have left a message on the voicemail, why haven’t I been contacted?  Staff is only calling to coordinate appointments. The voicemail is checked several times each day during operating hours and messages with complete information will be added to the list.  

I am on the vaccination list with Clinton County Health Department, will I automatically be added to this clinic?  No.  Keep your name on our list and the County’s list.  Once you receive the vaccine you will be automatically removed from the Clinton County Health Department list.

I added my name to the list but just received the vaccine, can I give my spot in line to my friend?  No.

Will you tell me how close I am to the top of the list?  No.  We will not be providing any information regarding the order of patients.  That is for your safety and to help our Village staff to focus on other daily tasks.

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