Patrick J Bann Village Marshall

Village Marshall

PATRICK J. BANN - Circa 1913


Village Marshall

Patrick J. Bann is the Village Marshall, and has been on duty in New Baden ever since 1902. He has been a resident of the city for the past 12 years. He is probably the only Marshall in the State outside of the large cities that wears a full policeman’s uniform.  As one steps from the train at New Baden one of the first things to meet his gaze, is the tall and stately figure of Mr. Bann. He believes in being an officer right or not at all. He was born in Du Quoin, Ill., in 1865. He lived there and attended public  and Catholic schools of that city during his early life. From Du Quoin he went to East St. Louis, and worked in the railroad business for several years, having been with the Terminal and M. & O. railroads there. He was married in Du Quoin in 1889 to Miss Minnie Boettcher. Nine children graced this union and of that number eight are living. He has two daughters married and is proud of the fact, that although a young man, he is the grandfather of three grandchildren. Five of the boys and one girl remain at home.  One of the boys is operator for the Southern at New Baden and has been connected with that road for several years. The other six children go to school, their ages range from 23 down to six years. The family resides in one of the finest little cottages in the city. Mr. Bann is also jailer, he has charge of the feeding of the few prisoners the jail sometimes hold, and has no assistant. From the present outlook Marshall Patrick J. Bann will be Marshall of New Baden for many years to come, and he deserves to be for he is well fitted for the position and a more capable man could not easily be found.

Excerpt from “Commercial History of Clinton County and Its Thriving Cities,” issued by the East St. Louis Gazette, East St. Louis, Illinois, July, 1913.

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