Teri Crane Village Clerk

Teri Strate-Crane

1 E. Hanover
New Baden, IL 62265


Village Clerk
  • Acts as a liaison between local government and its citizens.
  • Responsible for maintaining and filing all village records, ordinances, resolutions and all other records as required by the Illinois State Compiled Statutes.
  • Issues and maintains records of all Village business licenses, liquor licenses, and raffle licenses.
  • Publishes Meeting Notices, Public Hearing Notices and other notices as required by law.
  • Prepares agendas and packets for all meetings.
  • Attends all Village Board meetings (regular and special) and prepares and maintains minutes of all Village Board meetings.
  • Issues Business & Liquor Licenses.
  • Processes Freedom of Information Act requests.
  • Maintains all Public Records
  • Local election official.
  • Keeper of the corporate seal.
  • Facilitates cemetery sales and maintains records of cemetery lots and burials for the City Cemetery and Greenmount Cemetery.  Click here for more information on New Baden’s cemeteries.
  • Oversees Village’s website and Facebook account.

Public Act (PA) 97-0609 Compliance

On August 26, 2011, Gov. Pat Quinn signed Senate Bill 1831 (Public Act 97-0609). This law makes several changes to the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) statute and amends the Open Meetings Act.

PA 97-0609 requires that an employer participating in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) is required to make available a list of all employees that are expected to receive compensation greater than $75,000. This list must be available six business days after a budget is approved.

Compensation includes salary/wages, clothing allowance, vehicle allowance (none for the Village of New Baden), health insurance, bonuses (none for the Village of New Baden), loans (none for the Village of New Baden), vacation days granted (based on the number of hours worked per day because not all employees work an 8 hour day), and sick days granted (based on the number of hours worked per day because not all employees work an 8 hour day).

The Village of New Baden went one step further, to enhance transparency, and is publishing this data for all employees.  Click below for the report.


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